Election results 2018: Carnist parties sweep all 50 states—again

Carnist candidates swept elections in all 50 states yesterday, Tuesday, November 6, 2018.  As a result, Democrat-Republicans—now seeking to hijack the English language itself in the name of “Dairy Pride”—retained exclusive hegemony in both houses of the U.S. Congress as well as in all 50 state legislatures, a hegemony they have held, without interruption, for over 150 years.  No developed nation has enjoyed less political diversity over this span of time.

Meanwhile, more than one billion animals are tortured, mutilated, raped, molested, kidnapped, and killed each year in the U.S.  These violent and perverse acts—intolerable in a civilized society—remain legal as a direct result of Democrat-Republican political supremacy at the state and federal level.

Silver lining for animal rights activists

However, the dividing line between the winning and losing Democrat-Republican candidates was narrow in some jurisdictions, often less than 2% of the total votes cast.  This split presents a compelling case for the viability of the animal rights strategy known as the “Tipping-Point Provision.”

Under the Tipping-Point Provision, the U.S.’s vegan political party will endorse any Democrat-Republican candidate who gains the final nomination of her party if that candidate signifies, in a duly executed writing, that she is vegan personally and abolitionist politically.  Per this provision, a Tipping-Point candidate commits to introduce, support, vote for, and reintroduce, when necessary, abolitionist legislation at the given candidate’s level of government, if she is elected.

When the margin between Democrat-Republican candidates is narrow, a disciplined vegan, abolitionist voting bloc comprising only 2% of active voters could, through the Tipping=Point strategy, begin electing vegan, abolitionist candidates to state and federal offices as soon as the very next election:  2020.

Looking ahead

Ramp-up for the 2020 U.S. Senate, House, and Presidential races begins immediately.  There is no time for delay:  recent reports indicate that the planet’s remaining ecosystems are in collapse.  Animal exploitation, as the top anthropogenic cause of soil, water, and air pollution, is a primary driver of this collapse.  Environmentalists, animal rights activists, vegans, and abolitionists who wish to halt and reverse this process are invited to run for office.


Image from Pixabay