Farming Animals vs. Farming Plants Named Most Important and Popular Research of 2017

By James Videle

In a testament to the hard work and dedication of the Humane Party’s Economic Transition Team (ETT), our report “Animal based Agriculture vs. Plant-based Agriculture: A Multi Product Comparison” was named one of the most important research articles of 2017 by Faunalytics.  The 27-page report analyzes products of animals and plants from the perspectives of land use, yield, income, expenses, and profitability.  Utilizing USDA and Colleges of Agriculture data sets we were able to make correlations that had never been compared before.

It is this type of novel research that your ETT is conducting.  We are a dynamic and forward-thinking group of individuals working to transition the United States economy and agriculture 100% free of exploitation for all.

Photo by Flash Alexander on Unsplash

You can help us grow further and reach higher.  Isn’t it time that you stepped in and offered your vast talents to the most important social justice movement of our time, reaching to the halls of Congress and the Oval Office?

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