On November 6th, 2018, U.S. voters could liberate more than 1 billion animals

Each year, more than a billion animals are mutilated, tortured, kidnapped, raped, slashed, electrocuted, strangled, burned, skinned, and/or killed in U.S. vivisection laboratories, slaughterhouses, and other mass-killing facilities.  Next Tuesday—Election Day, November 6th, 2018—all of that could change.

Here’s how total animal liberation (in the U.S.) will happen

The U.S. Constitution (ratified 1788) expressly provides a process whereby the Constitution itself can be changed, i.e., amended.  That process is set forth in Article V of the Constitution.  While Constitutional amendments are extremely rare, they are not impossible, and the effects of such amendments, such as the 13th Amendment and the 19th Amendment, are profound.

The most commonly used means to this very uncommonly attained end requires a two-thirds vote in Congress and then subsequent ratification by three fourths of the states.  Specifically, therefore, passing the Abolition Amendment—which puts an immediate end to the meat, dairy, egg, fur, leather, racing, vivisection, and other animal-killing industries—will require 290 abolitionist members of the House of Representatives, 67 abolitionist senators, and ratification by 38 states.

magic number abolition amendment
Image by the Humane Herald staff

When spliced together for mnemonic purposes, these digits—2906738—produce the “magic number” of the U.S animal rights, liberation, and emancipation movement.

Here’s why that won’t happen this time around

Currently, there are only two abolitionist, vegan candidates in the United States of America running for federal office:  Humane Party candidate Clifton Roberts, who is running for United States Senate (H-CA), and Humane Party candidate Robert Mason, who is running for United States House of Representatives (H-TX).  Try as they might, even if they win their respective races, Clifton and Robert cannot comprise a majority all by themselves, and there are yet no abolitionists in other parties with whom to form a coalition.  Meanwhile, it’s extremely unlikely that the Democrat-Republicans—who recently united to support a “Dairy Pride Act” (no, unfortunately, that’s not a joke)—would forsake their long-standing commitment to animal exploitation.

Therefore, the opportunity enjoyed by Americans—as voters in a democracy—to liberate more than one billion animals will be, once again, passed over this year.

Here’s how that can happen in 2020

The above-described “magic number” can never be attained if abolitionists do not run for office in sufficient numbers. Meanwhile, voters cannot vote abolitionist if there are no abolitionist candidates for whom to vote.  The only way to get the animal-liberation job done, in a democracy, is to step up, run, vote, and win.

Images from Pixabay

If you would like to free more than one billion animals, to see the slaughterhouses and vivisection labs marked “closed forever” in 2020, you can do that very thing. There is no need for delay. The mechanisms are already in place:  the legislation has already been drafted, and a political party staffed by committed volunteers is at your service to help you get the job done, for once and for all—meaning all.  2020 is right around the corner; now is the time to step up, run, and win.