Sociopaths prep for another Presidential “turkey pardoning”

wild turkey

Exhibitionist Sociopathy

Hallmark indicators of sociopathy include a lack of concern or remorse for—and even a celebration of—the suffering of others.  Sociopathy may be accompanied by exhibitionism.  When regarded in hindsight or from afar, photographs and audio/video recordings of exhibitionist displays of sociopathic acts generate near-universal condemnation from the international community.

Well-known examples of such international response include the public outrage generated by photographs from Abu Ghraib prison in 2003 depicting human prisoners forced to engage in humiliating acts.  Serial animal killers generate similar outrage when they pose with and laugh over their victims’ corpses and even sometimes simulate sexual acts with these corpses.  Meanwhile, selfie culture has spawned a new era in look-at-me animal abuse.  Fortunately, some social media companies are trying to combat this trend.

Celebrating Violence

But the effort to combat exhibitionist violence has had little impact on the U.S.’s carnist political parties to date.  For more than twenty years now, these parties have carried on an annual celebration of the suffering and death of millions of innocent birds known as the Presidential “turkey pardoning.”  This tradition—in which an innocent victim is “pardoned” from death—has been embraced by Presidents Obama, Bush, and Clinton.  Current U.S. President Donald Trump continued this tradition last year, and expectations are that next Thursday, Nov. 22, 2018, will be no different.

Democrat-Republican Presidents have not limited these celebrations to the Thanksgiving holiday, however.  Every Democrat-Republican President since 1972 has proclaimed an official National Animal-Killing Day expressly devoted to violence against animals.  In declaring Sept. 22, 2018, National Animal-Killing Day, President Trump asserts that we can “conserve our Nation’s fish and wildlife” by killing them.  Similarly, former President Obama expressed his belief that killing animals is a way of “bringing people together.”  Not to be outdone, Democrat-Republican Congress members, such as Elizabeth Warren, are now pursuing a so-called “Dairy Pride Act” to celebrate bestiality and infanticide.

Envisioning a Brighter Future

The U.S.’s Thanksgiving holiday, however, need not be built around the torture, mutilation, confinement, abuse, and horrible deaths of over 40 million innocent victims.  Many Americans believe that animal abuse and exhibitionist violence are inherently wrong and utterly pathetic.  Activists who would like to help shape a new and brighter future for the office of the U.S. President and for the country as a whole are invited to submit the Humane Party volunteer application form.

wild turkey
Wild turkey (image from Pixabay)