Bernie Sanders’ Wildest Dreams Come True, Courtesy of Trump Administration

shelf of cows' milk

Giving Money to a Non-Viable “Industry”

The U.S.’s ruling Democrat-Republican bloc has been propping up the failing animal-exploitation “industry” with taxpayer dollars for decades.  These subsidies have not only included direct giveaways but also purchases of unwanted corpses and other “inventory.”  This support has also taken the form of providing special legal protections to slavers that no legitimate industry enjoys.

In the area of financial support, prop-up measures have included, for instance, government purchases of 12 billion pounds of unwanted cow-milk cheese during the last full calendar year of the Barack Obama administration.  Unique legal protections, for example, reached a new low in 2006, when Diane Feinstein and James Inhoff co-authored the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, which was signed into law by George Bush.  A more recent legal effort—even more pathetic than it is unconstitutional—to protect the failing “industry” was proposed by Elizabeth Warren and others in 2018, the “Dairy Pride Act.”  One can only wonder when the “Bestiality and Infanticide Pride Act” will arrive.

Bernie Sanders:  U.S.’s Leading Champion of Animal Exploitation

But no one has emerged as a more reliable pawn of animal exploitation than Bernie Sanders, who has built his career serving the Vermont animal-exploitation “industry.”  His 2016 Presidential campaign proudly touted him as the “rock” of kidnapping calves from their moms and taking their moms’ milk.  And he has backed up this frightening status with, again, calls to bail out Big Dairy, labeling dairy’s economic failure and inability to compete in the marketplace an “emergency” in 2018.

By positioning himself as an “independent” and—bizarrely—as a “progressive,” Sanders was able to capture the energy of the progressive movement and channel it into the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016 and into the Joe Biden campaign in 2020, thereby short-circuiting the emergence of a competitive progressive party in the U.S. during these crucial years.

Coronavirus Used to Justify Unprecedented Giveaway

The coronavirus pandemic, which leading scientists and health professionals attribute directly to the animal-exploitation “industry,” has presented an opportunity that even Sanders, Warren, Feinstein, and others could hardly have dreamt of:  a giveaway of unprecedented proportions.

And the Donald Trump administration has now delivered just such a free ride.  This week, the Trump administration announced handouts in the amount of $9.6 billion to animal-killing operations, including $5.1 billion for killing bovines, $1.6 billion for killing pigs, and $2.9 billion for taking milk away from grieving mothers.

This total wildly exceeds the best efforts of Bernie Sanders, whose 2009 “emergency” giveaway of  $350 million is tiny in comparison.

In the end, the coronavirus crisis has been used to justify a new depth of depravity in the Democrat-Republicans’ unmitigated war against science, health, free markets, fiscal responsibility, the planet’s remaining ecosystems, and the other species who are unfortunate enough to live under Democrat-Republican hegemony.