Coronavirus: Top U.S. and U.N. Science and Health Advisors Endorse Humane Party Position

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From energy policy to economics, virtually every day another group of scientists comes out in favor of the Humane Party position. The coronavirus pandemic has only accelerated that trend.

Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has become familiar to many Americans in recent weeks for his central role in the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus crisis.  In light of the “many diseases that emanate out of [the] human-animal interface,” Fauci recently said, “we should shut down [live animal markets] right away.”  He went on to observe that “what we’re going through right now [the coronavirus pandemic] is a direct result of that.”

Similarly, Elizabeth Maruma Mrema, the United Nations head of biodiversity, called for a ban in order to prevent further pandemics.

If such comments are limited to only “wildlife” markets, that limitation reveals that the speaker has not yet grasped that zoonotic diseases can be passed to humans from so-called “domesticated” (read, enslaved) animals as well and that all animals are, by nature and by right, “wild.”  And if such comments are limited only to live-animal or corpse markets in certain countries, such limitation indicates that the speaker has not grasped that diseases do not observe geopolitical boundaries.  But these recent statements do at least indicate that, even if ethical considerations carry no weight at all, the light of science is beginning to show humans that mere self-interest necessitates rejection of animal exploitation.




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