“Jane Unchained” Covers U.S.’s First Vegan, Animal Rights Political Party

Vote with your vote | by Chris Censullo

Jane Unchained News Network has published a new article covering the Humane Party, which emerged in 2009 as the U.S.’s first vegan, abolitionist, animal rights political party.  As author Jordi Casmitjana observes:

The future of politics is vegan… A political system based on doing no harm, and repairing the harm already done, is the only way forward. Vegan parties, like the Humane Party or the Danish Veganerpartiet, could lead the way. The Humane Party of the United States is definitely an idea whose time has come.

Jane Unchained is a digital news network with a mission to “counteract the mainstream media’s news blackout on animal rights issues.” Jane UnChained’s Jane Velez-Mitchell interviewed Clifton Roberts in 2015 regarding his history-making campaign as the U.S.’s first vegan, abolitionist candidate for U.S. President.

Author Jordi Casmitjana is a vegan zoologist, campaigner, and author originally from Catalonia but resident in the U.K.  He has been involved in animal protection for decades and is known for having secured ethical veganism as a protected philosophical belief in Great Britain.