What Does It Take?

Turkeys in a factory farm (Wikimedia Commons)

By Risa M. Mandell

Elementary school children mowed down didn’t result in changed gun laws.  Knowing the devastation that factory farming causes to water, land or human health hasn’t convinced industry captains of the error of their ways.  These observations lead to the conclusion that compassion or knowledge alone doesn’t propel change.  What might? Inefficiency.

The myth of efficiency boosted factory farming for these many decades.  Now the devastation it causes is coming back to haunt us.  Soil erosion and antibiotic resistance are two examples which affect every human.  The razing of habitats is not only cruel, it turns out to be an inefficient way to feed humans.  This conference in London, taking place October 5-6, will bring it all together.

If only semi-automatic guns were inefficient (or if their manufacturers didn’t own our Congress), we might see some progress here as well.