The One, the Few, the Many, and the All

At this special moment in history, we are witnessing a revolution in philosophy and political science: the zoocracy system of government extends the political franchise beyond the species barrier to include all forms of sentient life. The Humane Party has been developing the zoocratic system and the HP’s future governing body, the Humane National Committee (HNC).

Personhood, Yes—But “Peoplehood,” Too

In support of the Humane Party‘s zoocracy concept and model, the present article seeks to offer a conceptual framework that may be regarded as fully including personhood but also as being more comprehensive, with respect to the goal of animal protection, than that of personhood alone, namely, that of “peoplehood.”  Personhood does not necessarily imply peoplehood, and, without recognition of this latter concept—recognition of other animals’ cultures, their relationships, their languages and communication styles, their full-fledged existence, dignity, and sovereignty as other “peoples”—animal-protection measures will tend to be severely under-inclusive in theory and under-performing in practice.