Earth Day, Humane Party 10-year Anniversary and Inaugural Presidential Primary

Today is April 22nd, Earth Day.  Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970, as air pollution from industry was on a devastating rise.  The US Congress and President Nixon responded to the calls of the millions of environmental activists demanding a change.  In that same year, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was created.  The Clean Water Act and Endangered Species Act were passed.  It was a time of hope.

Fast forward 49 years later and all life on earth is threatened, as we are in the midst of the greatest biodiversity loss in 65 million years.  This era has been coined ‘anthropocene’, which means, “the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment.”  We are seeing the disintegration of the EPA, and loosening standards of the Clean Water and Endangered Species Acts.  At a time when all life needs vastly more protection than we could possibly provide, we humans, especially in the United States, are doing less and less.  Sadly, the Environmental Protection Agency does not acknowledge that climate change is influenced by humans as almost every other country’s environmental office in the world has.

While on this Earth Day over a billion people in 193 countries will take to the streets, without political will and leadership the activism is falling on deaf ears.  Hope for change is deflating.

But there is a rise, a social movement that represents not only the wildlands and wild beings of our precious earth but also those beings that we humans raise for our food, clothing, testing and entertainment.  It is a vegan movement, one that seeks to limit exploitation of all beings to the greatest extent possible.

And within that movement, there is a political party, the first and only vegan abolitionist political party in the United States, the Humane Party.

The Humane Party

Today is the 10th anniversary of the Humane Party, which was founded on the fundamental ideas of abolition of exploitation.  The party’s hundreds of volunteers and thousands of followers see the necessity of such a party when the current political parties always seem to offer more of the same, no matter who holds the balance of power.

The Humane Party’s platform is different.  It is far-reaching and encompasses ideals beyond safeguarding the environment and ending the suffering of species.  It includes, but is not limited to:

  • Abolish the property status (emancipation) of other animals.  Abolition Amendment
  • Balance budgets at all governmental levels
  • End the electoral college
  • Ensure human equality regardless.  Equal Rights Amendment II
  • Enhance national security, through, in part by eliminating systems and practices that create profit motives to engage in war
  • End inhumane incarceration systems and practices
  • Guarantee universal access to health care
  • Guarantee universal access to clean water

Vegan.  Abolition.  Emancipation.  Equal Rights.  Universal Access.  These are some of the tenets of the Humane Party.

The Humane Party Presidential Primary

In the United States’ current two-party dominant political system too few voices are heard, too few represented.  The Humane Party wishes to change the conversation.  The first step in having a seat at the table is to have a presidential candidate.  It is with great pleasure that the Humane Party announces its inaugural presidential primary to be held in October, 2019.  This will be an internal primary, meaning only active Humane Party members will be allowed to vote.  If your ideals, your values are parallel to the Humane Party’s vision, the party seeks your membership.

Join the Humane Party to change the course of history and secure freedom for all!

Without further delay, let’s meet the two Humane Party candidates (in alphabetical order by last name):

Mason, Robert is an entrepreneur, yogi, and plant-based lifestyle advocate, who was born and raised in Dallas, Texas.  His plant-based journey has been swift and significant, from giving up meat in 2009 to going vegan in 2015 to running for US House of Representatives in the Texas 3rd District in 2018.  Robert’s 2018 independent political platform featured plant-based economics, a tax plan with quality-of-life as its central focus, and evidence-based education.  That platform was endorsed by both the Humane Party and the Green Party, and it serves as the core of his campaign today.

Robert holds a BA in International Studies & Political Science from the Virginia Military Institute and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University with concentrations in entrepreneurship, finance, investment, marketing, and strategy.  He has multiple yoga certifications and is a student of positive neuropsychology.  In 2014, Robert co-founded Dataclay, an Austin-based software company specializing in the auto-customization of digital video, and he maintains a consulting position with OakTree Investment Advisors, a Pittsburgh-based registered investment advisor.  Robert enlisted in the Navy after 9/11 and has professional experience in government contracting, consulting, and investment management.

Roberts, Clifton was the Humane Party’s first ever presidential candidate in 2016.  He also served as the Party’s Staff Coordinator, as a volunteer, for two separate rotations.  His vision for our country extends beyond our borders with a transformational plan for lasting peace, prosperity, and progress for the United States, as well as for the world.  Representing the rights of all living beings, Roberts is a Constitutionalist who believes that this country’s promise of freedom, harmony, and happiness is deeply rooted in our government’s ability to be innovative, authentic, transparent, and compassionate.

With his commitment to ensuring equality under the law; cultivating excellence in education; ending unsound criminal investigation, trial, sentencing, and incarceration systems, and enhancing national security while eliminating practices that create profit motives to engage in war, Roberts offers a future-looking vision and set of ideas for voters to seriously consider.

Roberts possesses over 25 years of corporate organizational experience in finance, healthcare, and technology and currently serves as a Director of Public Policy for the foremost data-centric corporation in the world, formerly managing ethics and compliance initiatives for over 100,000 employees.