Veggie Pride Parade Predicts Thousands For NYC Rally

Veggie Pride Parade

Dozens of Vendors to Offer Cruelty-Free Products at April 14 Post-Parade Festival

The largest annual celebration in the Tri-State area of the vegan lifestyle is set for April 14, 2019, when thousands of vegans, vegetarians, environmentalists, and allies will march through downtown Manhattan and conclude at Union Square for a festival of speakers, singers and dancers, and merchants selling cruelty-free food and products. Participants will close the day out with an indoor after-party of dancing just a few blocks away, at VSpot Organic, 12 St. Marks Place.

Veggie Pride Parade NYC Turns 12

Now in its 12th year, the Veggie Pride Parade celebrates a vegan lifestyle and introduces its beneficial impact on climate change to the public at large.  VPP is a family friendly event, with a variety of activities for all ages. Along with the parade at 11AM, there will be a costume contest, performances featuring rappers, singers, hip hop, dance, and acro yoga, and a cooking demonstration stage where people can learn to plant herbs and craft vegan dishes.

In addition to the lighthearted fun, many of this years speakers represent politically focused organizations that will be talking the public about creating a greener and more cruelty-free future, including Voters for Animal Rights, NYCLASS, Green Party, Humane Party, and Bronx Animal Rights Electors.

“This event is a fun way for the NYC community to learn more about healthy eating and protecting the environment,” says festival organizer Maggie Sargent.


The parade lines up at 11:00 a.m. at 40 Gansevoort Street and proceeds to Union Square Park. The after-party starts at 7:45 p.m. at VSpot Organic at 12 Saint Marks Place in Manhattan with an electronic dance party called “Heartbeat,” featuring animal images and starring the 90s inspired DJ Rufus Gibson of Buffalo NY.  See below for a a detailed schedule of activities and speakers.

About Veggie Pride Parade

Veggie Pride Parade is a free annual event that brings the community together to celebrate an animal-friendly, environmentally sustainable and healthy lifestyle. It includes a parade in Manhattan at noon and a festival in Union Square Park in the afternoon.

About the Humane Party Thunder Fund

Veggie Pride Parade is organized by the Humane Party Thunder Fund, the events arm of the Humane Party.  The Humane Party was established 2009 as the U.S.’s first vegan, abolitionist political party.


  • Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos
  • Animal Connection
  • Animals Battalion
  • Bunny Treats
  • Black VegFest
  • Brooklyn Queens Animal Save
  • Bronx Animal Rights Electors
  • Compassion Over Killing
  • Culture & Heritage Foundation
  • Direct Action Everywhere
  • Fish Feel
  • GreenCompassion US
  • Global Canine and Feline Rescue Association
  • Hip Hop is Green
  • Honey LaBronx
  • Humane League
  • Humane Party
  • Jewish Veg
  • Johanna’s Raw Food
  • Kuli Kuli Foods
  • Loving Hut
  • Lantern Books
  • Mah Wah Vegetarian Market
  • Marty’s VBurger
  • NYCLASS (New Yorkers for Clean, Liveable and Safe Streets)
  • NY Farm Animal Save
  • PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)
  • REAL (Responsible Eating and Living)
  • ROAR (Reaching Out for Animal Rights)
  • Rynn Berry Memorial Table
  • Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary
  • Supreme Master TV
  • Snacks of Substance
  • The Green New Deals
  • The New Hottness
  • VFAR (Voters for Animal Rights)
  • Vegan Future Now
  • Vegan Justice League
  • Vegan Outreach
  • Viva Veggie Society / Pamela Rice
  • Vegetarian Resource Group
  • What’s Good, Berto?
  • United Poultry Concerns
  • V-Roll
  • Veggie Grub
  • VSpot Organic
  • Veggie Frito
  • Vegetable Slut
  • Youth Buddhism Community (YBC)

April 14, 2019

Schedule and Program


11 a.m.–Lineup at 40 Gansevoort Street. Come dressed in your favorite fruit, vegetable or animal costume.


12:55 p.m.–Parade empties into Union Square Park North end

Main Stage, Union Square Park North

1 p.m.–Eric Walton, emcee. Maggie Sargent, festival organizer

1:10 p.m.–Honey LaBronx (drag show)

1:15 p.m.–Fred Beasley, NYS Chapter Leader, Hip Hop is Green– “Appetite for Revolution”

1:20 p.m.–Clifton Roberts, Former Presidental Candidate, The Humane Party– “Voting Humane Vs. Republicrat”

1:25 p.m.–Victoria Moran, Founder, Main Street Vegan– “A Prayer for Compassion”

1:30 p.m.–Jessica Carter, Food & Lifestyle Coach, Compassion Over Killing– “Plantiful Eating with Jess Carter”

1:35 p.m.–Bob DiBenedetto, President & Founder, HealthyPlanet– “Who’s More Important, Humans or Animals?

1:40 p.m.–Pamela Rice, VivaVegie Society– “Most Amazing Fact from 101 Reasons”

1:50 p.m.–The Repressions (band) (2 songs)

2 p.m.–Costume Contest

2:15 p.m.–Omowale Adewale, Founder, Black VegFest– “Black VegFest and Beyond”

2:20 p.m.–Karen Davis, Founder & President, United Poultry Concerns– “From Exploitation to Liberation”

2:25 p.m.–Lee Hall, Attorney– “Climate and the Art of Animal Liberation”

2:30 p.m.–Cheff’ Roostie, Founder, Veggie Grub– “Unity: The Vegan By-Product”

2:35 p.m.–Johanna Sophia, Founder, Johanna’s Raw Foods & The Green New Deals, “Easy, Fun, Raw”

2:40 p.m.–Caryn Hartglass, Founder, R.E.A.L.– “Love the Foods that Love You Back”

2:45 p.m.–Rachel Lynn (performance)

2:50 p.m.–The Vegan Rapper (performance)

3 p.m.–Danny Carabano, Co-Owner and Founder, Vspot– “Patterns, the Mind, and Going Vegan”

3:05 p.m.–Allie Taylor, President & Founder, Voters for Animal Rights – “Building Political Power for Animals”

3:10 p.m.–Jabari Brisport, Former Candidate, Green Party– “Why You Should Run”

3:15 p.m.–Edita Birnkrant, Executive Director, NYCLASS– “Policy Change for the Animals”

3:20 p.m.–Tracey Lall, Humane Party NY State Developer– “New York: A Beachhead for Animal Rights”

3:25 p.m.–Craig Seeman, Co-Chair, National Animal Rights Committee,The Green Party– “Ranked Choice Voting”

3:30 p.m–Nancy Kogel (performance)

3:35 p.m.–Rachel Lynn (performance)

3:40 p.m.–Upsidedown Pineapples (acro yoga)

3:45 p.m.–Mary Finelli, Founder, Fish Feel– “Fighting for our Finned Friends”

3:50 p.m.–Jill Carnegie, Co-Founder, NUMU Vegan Cheese– “The Business of Raising Consciousness”

3:55 p.m.–Mark Devries, Attorney & Filmmaker, Speciesism– “Vegetarianism and Moral Progress”

4 p.m.–Galit Mor (performance)

4:05 p.m.–Berto Calkins, Fitness Professional and Content Creator “Whats Good Berto?– “Bananas and Donuts”

4:10 p.m.–Miriam Chisholm, NY Farm Animal Save – “The Save Movement”

4:15 p.m.–Katerina Travazzo, Brooklyn Queens Animal Save

4:20 p.m.–Marlene Narrow, Founder, Vegan Nation Radio

4:25 p.m.–Soraya Beheshti, Columbia University Anthropologist, CEO of Karvan, the refugee work exchange– ‘The Vegan Karavan: Veganism and Human Rights’

4:30 p.m.–Philly Stallone (singer)

4:35 p.m.–Plant Tank: live sketch of forthcoming podcast, “Veganish: The Rise of an Empire” by Tilke Hill

4:45 p.m.–The Repressions

4:55 p.m.–Closing Remarks

Cooking Demonstration Stage in Union Square Park

1:15 p.m.

Carissa Marks, Compassion over Killing

Hands-On Veganics Herb Planting

2 p.m.

Jessica Carter, Compassion over Killing

Spiralized Veggie Noodle Salad

3 p.m.

Chef Roostie, Veggie Grub

Summer Rolls

4 p.m.

Eddie Rodriquez, VAST

Raw Pastellon


7:45 p.m.–Dinner and Dance Party at V-spot. 12 Saint Marks Place.

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