Reviving the Abolition Party’s Logo

Prior to launching on Earth Day (April 22), 2009, the Humane Party had three alternative names:  the “Vegan Party,” the “Abolition Party,” and the “Humane Party.”  The Humane Party name was chosen as the organization’s official name for reasons that have been covered elsewhere.

But the other two names still have value:  these names accurately highlight certain essential features of the Humane Party that may not be readily apparent to someone who does not know what the word “humane” means.  For instance, the Humane Party Oath requires that all candidates, officers, and board members be vegan personally and abolitionist politically.  That’s why at least some HP supporters have, to this day, continued to refer to the HP by one of these alternate names.

A logo without a home

During the period of time when the organization’s formal name was still in debate, the HP engaged two graphic designers, Chris Lochinski and Jonathan Klemstine, to design a logo for the Humane Party and a logo for the Abolition Party, respectively, in accordance with some basic parameters set by the team.  The former logo—the HP’s “classic bovine” logo—remains the HP’s primary emblem today.

The latter logo, however, has been drifting in limbo ever since that time.  Because it does not represent the official party name or symbol, the Abolition Party’s logo has been an asset without a home.

This limbo status is unfortunate, because the image itself—depicting three of the most exploited species and including a clear call to action—may be an efficient way to communicate the essential abolitionist message.

Getting assets into the game

The animals’ cause needs every asset in play.  Letting good images, slogans, or other messaging materials sit on the shelf is a waste of scant activist resources.  Getting the Abolition Party’s dormant logo into action, where appropriate, is a path worth pursuing.

Like other images in the HP image database, anyone can freely download and use the Abolition logo in support of the abolitionist cause wherever she sees fit.  And since this logo does not include or require any reference to the Humane Party or any other organization, viewers of the Abolition logo may be open to receiving the essential message of this image, regardless of how they feel about the Humane Party—or about its name.

abolition logo