Dutch MP Champions Animal Rights for UN Agenda

Animal Rights Documentary Premiers in New York Tonight at The Benjamin Hotel

New York, NY, Oct. 22, 2018 – Esther Ouwehand, Member of Parliament for the Dutch Party for the Animals, is hosting the premier screening in New York tonight of the groundbreaking animal rights documentary, Dominion.

The film exposes standard practices in the livestock sector and the extent to which meat producers try to keep these practices hidden from world view. Ouwehand will moderate an open discussion immediately following the screening, which is being co-hosted by US-based The Humane Party.

According to researchers honored this year by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the destructive impact of animal agriculture on our environment far exceeds that of any other technology on Earth. Meat production is the most urgent problem of our time, said the researchers, who won this year’s UNEP Champions of the Earth award.

In her role as a Parliamentary Member representing the Party for the Animals, Ouwehand is bringing the debate on the future of animal agriculture to the United Nations this week, focusing specifically on how it impacts the environment, food security, peace and the animals themselves.

Dominion Screening details:
Date: Monday, Oct. 22, 2018
Time: 7pm – 10pm
Place: The Benjamin Hotel – 125 East 50th St., New York, Lexington Room

Party for the Animals and the international movement

In 2006, the Dutch Party for the Animals (PftA) was the first political party in the world to win seats in a national parliament on an animal rights platform. The PftA does not put the short-term interests of human beings first, but focuses on the entire planet and all of its inhabitants. Esther Ouwehand has been an influential MP for the PftA from the start. The establishment of the Party for the Animals has led to a growing global political movement committed to the cross-border interests of animals, nature and the environment. There are now 19 like-minded political parties worldwide, including the US-based Humane Party, and this number continues to grow.