Manager Who ‘Knew Nothing About Animals’ Hired Anyway; Cat Dies Gruesome Death

No Experience Required

Having admitted that he had no animal experience, Tyrone McGill was hired to serve as manager of the Dallas Animal Shelter.  No explanation for the bizarre hiring choice has been uncovered.

“When we met, [McGill] admitted he knew nothing about animals, but that he was eager to learn. . . . I have to say that I am shocked. But it’s true he didn’t have animal experience,”  said Skip Trimble, chairman of the city’s Animal Shelter Commission.

Trimble has been a board member of several animal protection organizations but offered no guidance on why experience was not a criterion in the selection process or why he was “shocked.”

Cat’s Gruesome Death

A cat was reported to have been trapped inside a wall of the Dallas Animal Shelter under McGill’s direction.  Several employees could hear the frantic cat scratching and crying, and they reported the cat’s situation to McGill.  McGill agreed to handle the situation, but he then did nothing.

The cat was left to die for a gruesome seven-day period while his ongoing cries were ignored.  Only when the cat’s dead body began to fill the animal shelter with the stench of decay did McGill decide to take action.

McGill is now charged with felony animal cruelty.