James Videle Envisions a Post-Abolition Economy

James Videle has joined the Humane Party’s all-volunteer staff as co-leader of the Agricultural Policy Transition Team. The team’s mission is to transition the entire U.S. economy to a post-abolition—i.e., 100% plant-based—economy.

Does the educational mission of zoos justify captivity, culling, and public dissection of animals?

The issue of keeping animals in captivity was recently in the news with the announcement of the last performance of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus this May. While many applaud the announcement, the future of the captive animals is in question. In a related story, The New Yorker featured in its January 16, 2017 issue the shooting and public dissection of a healthy young giraffe named Marius at the Odense Zoo in Denmark last year.

“Violence Is Not Entertainment” Act: Proposed U.S. Law to Withdraw Copyright and Trademark Protection for Animal Abuse; Abolish Property Status of Animal-Abuse Content

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Los derechos de los animales alcanzan niveles sin precedentes: el Partido Humanitario publica el primer borrador de la Enmienda por la Abolición y abre un período de 30 días para recibir comentarios del público

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