Wings of Rescue

Playa Lucia on Puerto Rico has long been where unwanted and abused dogs, called satos, have been abandoned. Hundreds of dogs live, or try to survive, there at any given time. Residents of the area have taken to calling it Dead Dog Beach. When Hurricane Maria hit the island on September 20, a volunteer with the Sato Project was able to take in 53 of the dogs, who rode out the storm in crates atop concrete blocks. Then Wings of Rescue came into the picture.

Welcome Visitor or Trespasser? The Green Iguana in Florida

The green iguana, found in South Florida, where I live, is considered to be an invasive species. Despite the rather benign behavior of these docile creatures, local citizens view them as pests. Iguana hunting, especially in South Florida, is legal. Homeowners possess the right to “kill-on-sight” if they believe that an iguana is becoming a nuisance.

Republicans/Democrats Continue War Against Animals

Having voted unanimously for the AETA, Republicans/Democrats are continuing their war on animals with renewed vigor. At least four state … More