Humane Party Working Locally

Humane Party of New York

2020 has been bittersweet for much of the world, so it should be no surprise that it has been the same for the Humane Party.  Sweet in that so much has been going on with the party that we will be sharing with you here.  Bitter in how much pain and suffering has occurred while our nation both comes together and pushes apart at the same time.

The Humane Party policy and platform promote that vegan means justice for all.

The Humane Party remains steadfast in our mission to establish a disciplined, transparent, and accountable government that empowers citizens and industry to build and sustain a humane, secure, and prosperous nation.

The Humane Party envisions an America that enjoys:

  • A sustainably prosperous economy;
  • A fiscally responsible, conscientious, and competent government led by elected officials for whom ethics and integrity are not optional;
  • Lasting, secure peace and cooperative relationships with all other nations;
  • A healthy, educated population with abundant opportunities to pursue happiness;
  • A humane legal system in which all beings are free from exploitation, discrimination, and abuse.

The Humane Party’s mission and vision statements are repeated here because they represent the bedrock of the work we are doing at the Humane Party in 2020.

The Humane Party started 2020 by establishing two specific goals.  As we look to spread our message, we focus on creating a State Chapter in New York.  While building that state chapter we start work on resources to assist vegans in campaigning and winning local elections.  Our first location for this resource will be New York City.

We chose New York City as our first location to build vegan resources for campaigns because of the great support that campaigns can receive in New York State and New York City.  Matching funds from organizations are available for campaigns, as well as other funds available for women and others as they work towards undertaking public service.  Soon we will have established a vegan resource for vegan politicians.  We will help them with the complex campaign finance rules, we will help them with resources to get their campaign started, and we will help coordinate other local resources.  Think of it as an incubator for vegan political action at the local level giving vegan politicians a leg up in their journey.

And through creating this local resource, we will sprout a new State Chapter that will start with a tool to create a focus in their efforts locally.  With our success in New York City, we will be positioned well to roll out this initiative across the nation.

As the Humane Party continues to push forward our initiatives, more than ever volunteers remain the backbone of the organization.  We are now recruiting volunteers across the nation to build this new vegan political resource.  We need your support.  There are 3 ways you can support us and our efforts:

  1. Share what we are doing with others;
  2. Volunteer and help us more directly;
  3. Contribute funds to support us.

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