Cartoon: “Welcome, Friends….”

Under the Democrat-Republican regime, animals are property. Living creatures, other than humans, can currently be bought, owned, bartered, and sold in all fifty U.S. states and in all U.S. territories. Implicit in the animals-as-property paradigm, with but a few exceptions, is the “right” to do almost anything to the animals one “owns,” including kill them, debeak or otherwise mutilate them, torture them, force them to procreate, kidnap their children, steal their bodily secretions, immobilize them in solitary confinement, and otherwise treat them as objects.

But, one day—not long from now—the entire animals-as-property paradigm will be swept away. That reality is memorably portrayed in Laine Geiser’s 2011 political cartoon, “Welcome, Friends….”

Cartoon | “Welcome, Friends....” | Laine Geiser 2011
“Welcome, Friends….”| Laine Geiser 2011