Humane National Committee:  Initial Parameters Released; 30-Day Public Comment Period Begins

The Humane Party has today published an initial set of parameters for the overall design of the Humane National Committee governing body.  These parameters will now be available for comments, criticisms, and editorial suggestions from the public for the next thirty days.  After expiration of the initial public-comment period, the design will be revised, if necessary.  The revised design will then be subjected to another public-comment period of thirty days.  This public-comment process will be repeated as necessary until completion of a final overall design has been achieved

Currently Proposed Structure for Humane National Committee

The published parameters pertain to general allocation categories of seats for the Humane National Committee governing body.  A design for individual seats assignments will be prepared for public review after this general structure has been fixed.

The proposed design for the governing body of the Humane National Committee (HNC) now being offered for public comment is as follows:

TOTAL MEMBERS of the governing body of the HNC

144 members:  3 classes, 48 members per class

THREE CLASSES of members

48 members in each class

SCHEDULE for election of members

Class A:  elected every 2 years

Class B:  elected every 4 years

Class C:  elected every 6 years

SEAT CONSTITUENCY (general parameters only)

Class A (geography-based distinctions)

  • 40 members assigned according to Congressional district, territory (default of about 11 Congressional districts per member)
  • 8 members assigned to recognized U.S. eco-regions

Class B (political-vulnerability-based distinctions)

  • 40 members assigned to politically vulnerable human minorities (e.g., age, gender, race, ethnicity)
  • 8 members assigned to particular political concerns that affect everyone (e.g., voting rights, freedom of speech)

Class C (constituencies instantiated without humans)

  • 40 members assigned by taxonomy, physiology (e.g., insects, birds, mammals, fish)
  • 8 members assigned to particular environmental concerns that affect everyone (e.g., water quality, climate, deforestation)

Everyone is invited to submit comments on the proposed structure for the HNC.  These comments may be submitted by way of the Humane Party’s main website at

About the Humane Party

The Humane Party emerged in 2009 as the U.S.’s first vegan, abolitionist political party.  All HP candidates, officers, and board members must be vegan personally and abolitionist politically.  The HP began registering voters in 2011 and ran its first candidate for U.S. President in 2016.

Image courtesy of the Humane Party