Brandy Walt Becomes the Humane Party’s Staff Coordinator

Brandy Walt

Brandy Walt came to the Humane Party in February 2017 as a new volunteer, ready to assume the role of Pennsylvania State Developer and soon to be State Developer Coordinator.  After a few months coordinating meetings among the developing states for the Humane Party, Brandy accepted an invitation to spend the next few months as Policy Team Coordinator and Project Coordinator.  On October 1, 2017, Brandy Walt became Staff Coordinator for the final shift rotation of the year.

Prior to signing the Humane Party Oath in February, Brandy was actively searching for volunteer work that would not only resonate with their ethics but would also align with what they were able to give back into the world through their skills and/or talents.  They did not just want to find their place in the activist world as a vegan but as someone who is LGBT identified and the parent of a daughter as well.

In moments of reflection and searching, questions that often came to their mind were:
How can someone fight for animal rights, the environment, women’s rights, and LGBT rights all at the same time?  Adding to that, how can someone help others fight for rights and/or what matters to them?  After all, we are all in this together.

To better describe Brandy’s personality, here are three important aspects that have become guiding mottoes for them over the last decade.

  1. Ethics
  2. Service
  3. Unity

In the last decade part of that service has been given directly to volunteer work.  Brandy helped maintain a nature trail and lake at a Nature Center in her area, Wildwood Park.  For several years they assisted in their daughter’s elementary school and served as a Girl Scout Co-Leader.  More recently, they spent a few years with a food bank on a weekly basis.

If you were to ask this Pennsylvania native what it felt like to be pointed in the direction of the Humane Party, they would respond that it was life changing.  Presented to them was a political party that not only consisted of all vegan volunteers but was also truly ethical, with similar objectives to make lasting changes, by being the change.

Brandy has been vegan since May 2014.  This transition occurred with the support of a vegetarian friend and chronic health concerns.  At the point of transition, Brandy strictly limited animal products in their daily diet.  All they needed afterwards was that last gentle nudge with some friendly guidance.  Since making the transition, Brandy has advocated for animal rights by speaking with others on a one-on-one basis while searching for a solid place to plant their feet in this movement.

Brandy does not hesitate to give time and effort to the Humane Party as this is their contribution to being the change they wish to see in the world.