Dis/abling in the New Administration

By Risa M. Mandell

Within less than 72 hours of President Trump’s inauguration, the new administration made significant changes to the White House’s website.  Removing disability rights is one of those changes.

Picture by Audi Nissen on Unsplash.com

Whether or not one believes that Donald Trump mocked a disabled reporter on November 26, 2015 [google, trump mocking disabled], the removal of disability rights from whitehouse.gov further disables the already disabled.

In an apparent response, Google’s daily doodle on Monday, January 23rd, called attention to Ed Roberts, a pioneer of Disability Rights.

In another realm, though similar MO, President Trump is disabling the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), whose job it is to protect the vulnerable fauna and flora from those who would take advantage of the power differential between humans and all others despite the interwoven nature of our existence with all life forms.  Where there’s an inherently unlevel playing field, Trump goes with the “winner.”  Moreover, a gag order has been placed on the EPA.  Certainly, to gag an entity is to disable it.

We know that Trump supports torture for those who would harm us.

A pattern emerges:  Disabling, quasi-legal, metaphorical torture now for those whose voices aren’t “party line.”  Actual torture for actual enemies.

In a snapshot:  Might makes right.  Dissent is whining.  Resistance is disloyalty.

The mighty are further enabled and franchised while the vulnerable are further disabled and disenfranchised.

Such conduct flies in the face of the party of science and ethics, the Humane Party, whose vision includes a humane legal system in which all beings are free from exploitation, discrimination and abuse.