Two Short Poems

Peace on earth for bulls and greyhounds

Emmeline Pankhurst is one of the historical figures who are portrayed in "Suffragette"

Activist Winter Viewing List—2018

As winter approaches, many people will be spending more time indoors. The holiday season also means, for some, more social time with family and friends.
Here are three films that activists may enjoy checking out from their local libraries and sharing with family and friends.

Veggie Pride Parade | Don't Have a Cow

April 8, 2018: Veggie Pride Parade NYC | Event Schedule Available

The schedule for the 11th Annual Veggie Pride Parade in New York, NY, has been released.  The event features over 20 speakers representing a wide array of perspectives on veganism, animal liberation, free speech, and more. Participants can also network with over 30 exhibitors who will be present. An after-party buffet and all-vegan comedy show follows the event.