Humane Party Presidential Candidate 2020 Election

The Humane Party is happy to announce that Clifton Roberts will be the 2020 Humane Party nominee for U.S. President.

CliftonRoberts2020In a time of great need for the health of the animals, the environment and ourselves, voters have a clear choice on who is going to serve us the best.  It is time for all American voters to think outside the box and elect someone who really will have their best interest at heart.  It will not be without sacrifice, and it will not be without challenges, but the time is now; there is no tomorrow, and this next election will either steer us in a direction of hope or tumble us into deeper tragedy and deficit.

On this day, November 1st, World Vegan Day, we challenge all Americans to vote with their consciences, vote for the one person who will safeguard the planet that all earthlings share. Vote Clifton Roberts in the 2020 election for U.S. President, and together with the Humane Party at the helm, real change can occur.

Thank you to all voters and to the Humane Party’s two courageous candidates, Clifton Roberts and Robert Mason!