A poem by Leeza Coleman

Unintuitive species that we are,
we act in spite of ourselves.

Acting against nature
ensures that nature must act against us.

We lack an intuitive feature possessed by all other animals
which would render us willing to ensure the best course for the planet we share.

Other Earthlings warm the heart of Mother Nature
with the behavior of respectful offspring.

The behavior of Homo sapiens sapiens
must chill Mother Nature to the bone.

Abusive, disrespectful, presumptuous, greedy, mindless,
we spread war, fear, catastrophe, contamination and disease.

Mother Earth must be forgiven
for seeing Homo sapiens sapiens as her failed species.

Mother Earth weeps, shakes her fists, and fulfills her job description,
at the pay grade that one single species has arrogantly attempted to usurp.

The consequence of species failure
in the evolutionary playground is extinction.

Only one animal species has failed so catastrophically
that it has richly earned moving to first place in the queue for species oblivion:

The species that named itself “sapiens” twice,
because no one else on Earth would have done it.

Every animal species on Earth engages with Mother Nature –
with the exception of one single animal species.

The human animal seems to believe that Mother Nature’s
rules of evolution and extinction do not apply to it.

Mother Nature is on it.

Won’t the human animal be astonished to see that
Mother Nature would rather save her bees?

Image from Pixabay