Mike Harms, Accelerating the Growth of Veganism through Politics and Policy


Humane Party Volunteer Bio

Mike Harms has been married for over thirty years to a wonderful wife.  He is a father of two, a grandfather of three and a vegan since December 2014.  Mike found veganism in the summer of 2014 after reflecting on the health limitations preventing his parents from having an active role in their great grandson’s life.  He could see that if he stayed on his current course the same problems would plague him.  Something needed to change.  A problem solver at heart, Mike took to the internet and found PubMed and eventually Dr. Gregor’s NutritionFacts.org website showing the significant health benefits of a vegan diet.  Mike’s further research helped him understand the ethical and environmental aspects of veganism and how veganism is a lifestyle, not just a diet.

As with many new vegans, Mike wanted to tell everyone the “truth” and he started to document his journey on YouTube and Instagram (mikeonraw).  He wanted to show that if he could change to a vegan lifestyle, then “anyone” could change.  He found the Humane Party during the 2016 election period when Clifton Roberts was blanketing social media.  With the election over, Mike recognized the important role that politics would play in accelerating the growth of veganism.  This lead him to join the Humane Party as a volunteer in January 2017.

Today Mike continues working to accelerate the growth of veganism through his work with the Humane Party and various social media outlets.  In addition, Mike works in the information technology field as a database administrator and manager for a team of data engineers at a growing digital marketing/analytic firm in Minneapolis, MN.  Mike likes to ride his bike, run and can sometimes be seen skateboarding downtown Minneapolis as he makes his way to or from work.  He is a member of the Toastmasters International organization and a strong believer in personal and professional development.