New Documents by the Humane Party’s Economic Transition Team

This week, the Humane Herald’s publication page offers two new important documents written by members of the Humane Party’s Economic Transition Team:

Key Business Ratio comparison, animal-based industry Vs. plant-based industry

In comparing animal-based agriculture industries and plant-based agriculture industries, this document highlights the findings of the Humane Party in its analysis of the historic Key Business Ratios presented by dun & bradstreet Library solutions.  Key Business Ratios provide an overview of the efficiency, solvency and profitability of publicly owned companies within an industry.  The industries used to obtain the data are all publicly owned and encompass a relevant market share within their industry; another important aspect of the industries selected is their nature in being directly linked and exclusive to animal or plant-based agriculture.  A total of 6 plant-based industries and 9 animal-based industries were used in this comparison.

Analysis of the USDA Annual Report (2015) of Animal Usage by Research Facility

This document highlights the findings of the Humane Party in its analysis of the USDA report of animal usage by research facility.  The USDA report is broken down by Pain and Distress category.  In the document, each category is analyzed, as well as the clinical signs of pain and distress used to assign categories.  A statistical analysis is also carried out to visualize the number of animals per state and per category being subjected to research testing.