On April 1st, 2017, the Position of Chief Executive Officer of the Humane Party Rotates from Clifton Roberts to Shelley Harrison

hp-mainClifton Roberts has served as Humane Party CEO from January through March, 2017, during which time he has helped locate new team members, spoken at events in California and Arizona, and contributed articles to VegNews Magazine.  Roberts currently serves as Ethics & Legal Compliance Program Manager at the world’s largest manufacturer of PC microprocessors.  In 2016, Roberts served as the Humane Party’s first candidate for U.S. President.

Shelley Harrison is the Humane Party’s original Chairperson and CEO.  A lawyer and law teacher, Harrison has served as primary author of the Abolition Amendment and other Humane Party legislation.  His upcoming term of April through June, 2017, will be Harrison’s seventh term in the office of CEO.

The position of Chief Executive Officer of the Humane Party rotates among a group of volunteers.  Please visit the Humane Party’s FAQ for more information about the rotating-CEO system and the benefits of this system.  The Humane Party is an all-volunteer organization.

The Humane Party takes this opportunity to express its deepest appreciation to Clifton Roberts for his extraordinary service as CEO and to extend a warm welcome to Shelley Harrison, whose experience in the role of CEO will greatly contribute to the party’s ongoing development.

If you are interested in supporting or volunteering for the Humane Party, please complete the volunteer form on the party’s website.