The Humane Party, the real animal rights party


With Inauguration Day fast approaching in the United States and the political upheaval surrounding the impending Donald Trump Presidency, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), one of the more visible and vocal animal rights groups, has been touting its so-called Animals’ Party.  This is not a real political party, but a promotional stunt by PETA and another of its campaigns featuring scantily clad female models in order to attract attention.  PETA, a non-profit, educational organization, is prohibited by law from endorsing political candidates or parties.

The Humane Party, on the other hand, is a legitimate political party, established in 2009, and the first political party in the United States committed to rights for all animals as well as the support and election of candidates pledged to humane values both politically and personally.  In 2015, Clifton Roberts was announced as the party’s first presidential candidate, running in the 2016 election.  All candidates and officers of the Humane Party take its Oath, committing to its humane values.

In addition to the Humane Party, which is the only vegan party in the world, a number of animal rights political parties are being formed internationally.  In North America, there is the Animal Protection Party of Canada.  In Europe, there are animal rights parties in Germany, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark, to name a few.  Australia’s Animal Justice Party was founded in 2010.

The Humane Party is an all-volunteer organization.  There are no paid employees.  To volunteer for the Humane Party, please complete the contact form on the party’s website.