Two Conferences in Early 2017 to Explore Vegan Thinking and Living

As the relationship of humans to animals and the natural world is increasingly at the forefront of our concerns, academic conferences are bringing together thinkers from many disciplines to address these critical issues.

February 24-25, Emory University in Atlanta, GA, will host a two-day symposium entitled “I Am Not an Animal! The Signature Cry of Our Species,” which aims to address the following questions:

  • Why, despite the continuing work of animal protection, conservation and ecological groups, does the situation for most animals and the natural world continue to go from bad to worse?
  • How have we come to the point where we have entered a Sixth Mass Extinction of species that could ultimately include our own?
  • And why are we humans unable to come to grips with what’s happening and change our behavior?

And on March 24-26 the sixth annual Ivy League Vegan Conference will take place at Harvard University, in Boston, MA. This professional conference on plant-based diets and bioethics features renowned leaders from across the disciplines. “The iV sessions emphasize innovation, self-critique, and re-examination of a plant-based diet as an elegant solution to a host of pressing issues in an increasingly global community.

Brief history of the iV Conference: “The groundwork for the iV Conference was first laid in the Fall of 2011 after leaders of the peer organizations comprising this conference initiated their plan to build a new vegan conference that would occupy a unique and important niche. After a few months, the groups had developed the conference’s first meeting which took place at Penn in March 2012. Since that time, the conference has grown in scope, attendance, and media visibility.”